A minecraft creative/survival server
Minecraft 1.11.2


There's a few different ranks on the server.
All of them are displayed below.


This is the default rank for new players.
You can't build in any of the worlds with it, and it pretty much is just like being a spectator in other games.
If you want to be able to build (=get the member rank), read how to below.


Members are players able to build in creative & vanilla.
To get member, you must sign up on this site and have an admin to promote you (be aware that they check whether you actually did sign up).
There are a lot of commands available to members, especially in creative.
Please head over to the worlds page if you want to read a list of all of them.


A week after sign up you can ask an admin to promote you to member+.
Players with a member+ rank get some additional features that are blocked to regular members to prevent griefing.
Features include being able to build with lava & water in creative, place TNT in vanilla.
Again for a full list of additional features please read them on the worlds page.


Donators have showed their support to the server by funding it with $5.00 or more.
They are therefor also trustworthy and get some extra powerful features in the creative worlds.
Flatland is a world where only donators can build, which means it is a world free from any form of griefing.
Donators who donated $8.00 or more can use WorldEdit, a powerful editing tool in the creative worlds.
They can also pick their own rank, or no rank for themselves.
For a full list of donator only features, and how to donate, head over to the donating page.


For people that donated over 15 dollars.


Admins are on the server to maintain peace & prevent/rollback griefings.
It's in general a good idea to listen to what they have to say to you because it usually is important.
Please note that admins also want to play the game for their amusement next to their function, and can't help you with your needs all the time.
Only donators have a chance to become an admin, and only if they want it and meet the expectations of one of course.