TI-84 Plus graphing calculator These are all the programs I created at school on my TI-84 plus graphing calculator.
The built-in TI-Basic language is, as the name suggests, pretty basic and limited.
Still I managed to create some slow but proper programs with it.
If you want to have get the programs on your calculator you should have TI-Connect and you must understand how to send files to and from your calculator.
All files can be run without using Mirage (if you have no idea what that is don't worry).
Also, since I made them on and for school they are meant for use in the Netherlands.
e.g. Omniklok is using dutch as display language.


Download group (.8xg)
(contains program + load screen & credits screen)

Omniklok is a clock for your graphing calculator that also gives you information about the class you have at that moment.
The program counts down till the end of your class and tells you which hour it currently is.
It also shows you which class you have, if you've set that, and in which classroom it is.
If you turn on this mode it will however lag more due to the limitations of TI-Basic.
Date and time can be set from within the program.
Screentext is in dutch, and times are also, so it wouldn't be wise to use this if you aren't from the Netherlands itself.

The controls are as follows:
ENTER: Options
1/2: Digital/analog
4/5: 40/50-Minute timetable
7: Classes on/off

Loading screen Digital display Analog display


A simplistic approach to mastermind.
You have 8 turns to guess a 4-digit combination consisting of the numbers 1 to 6.
When a digit is entered in at the right place, a O will apear on the right of it.
The right digit at the wrong place will make a / appear.
Guess the right combination within 8 turns to win the game.

There is a bug that sometimes causes the program to display too many /'s.
I won't fix that because that would take too long, and it will probably double the amount of code.



A small tool which replaces real life dice and gives you a list of possible scores for a game of yahtzee.


Connect four

In connect four you try to get 4 of your boxes connected in all directions.
It is just a replacement for the on-paper version.
It does not have a CPU enemy or any win-detection at all, because I was too lazy to code that.



A screensaver-like program with 4 diagonally moving lines.
They change the color of the pixel they pass over.
Press ENTER to let them turn 90 degrees.
That is basically it, it was just a thing to deal with the time.



A really basic and not at all challenging game where you have to avoid evil VV's of DOOM falling from the top of the screen for an unknown reason.