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Total Chloronium 1,245,644
Crafting Chloronium 1,037,322
Divination MPEG 380,321
Dungeoneering Ardanwen 201,099
Fishing Ardanwen 196,693
Woodcutting MPEG 194,992
Thieving Ardanwen 128,836
Runecrafting MPEG 125,777
Ranged Chloronium 101,094
Defence MPEG 41,083
Constitution Chloronium 33,360
Agility Chloronium 32,113
Attack MPEG 31,406
Slayer MPEG 30,688
Farming Ardanwen 28,087
Construction MPEG 27,528
Hunter MPEG 23,339
Fletching MPEG 18,768
Mining Chloronium 14,280
Invention sassykitten 10,887
Firemaking MPEG 3,546
Strength Ardanwen 1,310
Magic Ardanwen 1,296
Herblore Ardanwen 920
Prayer MPEG 632
Summoning MPEG 88


Total Alkan 4,934,451
Magic Alkan 2,963,390
Constitution Alkan 1,578,502
Prayer Alkan 290,624
Mining Alkan 100,234
Crafting Alkan 1,296
Runecrafting Alkan 405

Tracked players

Abusive Aerin Alkan Ardanwen Chloronium Disurge FireRed John Joe20 Kakamile learnfrom it Locituo Miss Hump MPEG Mr Hump Noxarion Olaff Rehan Revan sassykitten Scotmai Selan STE4LTH C0W TPIZALICIOUS Villermen Yann ZAP Zephoria zezima ifweweregay nordisk tjej The Bemon Of TheHerbMon